Mighty Light HD

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Turn your iPad into powerful flashlight or use it as fantastic ambient mood light with automatic color change. Mighty Light HD features two amazing apps in one for the lowest possible price. It’s always dark somewhere, that’s why thousands of users use flashlight or mood light every day.

Flashlight function can help you find your way in a dark room, unlock your door in dark night, read books, newspapers or map and be great companion in countless other cases. It gives you quick and bright light. And it even looks like a real flashlight with your choice of brightness and color.

Mood Light function is great to set pleasant mood while you’re with someone, to create fancy mood lights on walls or ceilings or to create back-light behind your TV or computer monitor. Your kids will sleep better while having Mighty Light HD right next to them on night table.


– Flashlight function (set the brightness from hot bulb fibre to full-screen mighty light by swiping up and down on screen)
– Mood Light function (tap the curl icon to activate automatic color changing)
– Any color you want (featuring full color spectrum)
– Adjustable brightness
– Realistic, yet simple and easy to use interface
– Remembers your last style when launched
– Works in both portrait and landscape mode

TIP: If you want to make your light even brighter, you can increase the brightness level through native iPad’s Settings application.